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  • Access control technology that is open and dependable, improving user comfort and security
    Support for the most diverse set of credential technologies is provided in a flexible manner.
  • Innovative methods for sizing companies in response to current and future risks
  • Access control solutions that are cost effective and function for single and multi-door systems in a single software are all connected in a TCP/IP network.
  • Access control is a type of electronic locking system that includes various electronic gadgets and gadgets such as stand-alone or number of co evaluate and determine, biometrics, HID/Mifare/RFID readers, electric strike lock or trip hop lock, gate contact or reed sensor, control box or rex toggle, break glass or panic buttons, battery backup suppliers, and battery bank.
  • A controller is another name for an access control panel.
  • A physical barrier that restricts access, such as a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical obstacle.
  • A UHF/HID/Mifare/RFID reader has been placed at the entrance.
    Electromagnetic gate strike, bolt locks, shear locks, rim locks, and electromagnetic locks are examples of locking hardware.
  • A automatic door sensor, door contact, or reed switch is used to monitor the position of a door.