CCTV camera installation Dubai

Smartech is well-versed in the planning, design, installation, maintenance, and repair of various sorts of CCTV systems in Dubai. A third-party video surveillance system, as well as a stand-alone installation with worldwide access, are among our CCTV camera installation alternatives in Dubai. Our security CCTV installation services in Dubai give a straightforward answer to all your surveillance needs, whether it’s a house, an office, or a business space.

Smartech is one of Dubai’s top CCTV installation businesses, providing sophisticated and effective security camera systems for all of the city’s locations. The location and business needs of our clients influence our CCTV camera installation. Our staff is qualified and prepared to assist you with the planning and design of your CCTV camera systems.

We provide small and large companies in Dubai trustworthy, cost-effective, and dependable CCTV security and solutions. In addition to CCTV camera installation, we also provide high-quality wiring and cutting-edge infrastructure support.

In Dubai, we provide the following security services and solutions:

CCTV whole package installation kit (pre-purchased)

CCTV camera installation and maintenance

Site inspection for appropriate camera placement DVR / NVR system setup

Wireless IP cameras setup and wire routing from camera to DVR / NVR

Setup of CCTV video recording for future reference

Mobile or laptop access to your home or business from anywhere CCTV system for real-time or recorded surveillance

All installed CCTV cameras have had their errors rectified.

CCTV Systems are surveillance solutions for businesses and permanent installations that require 24 hour monitoring. Potential intruders are immediately deterred by a CCTV camera system. BSC can provide you with the most up-to-date equipment, as well as consultation, design, and installation of your CCTV systems. We offer a standard CCTV Code of Practice for single and multiple camera installations, and our systems have been put on private properties, listed buildings, hotels, film studios, business offices, and educational institutions such as Universities and Colleges.

Our CCTV experts at Project Skills Solutions are ready to assist you in protecting your business. We can advise you on how to make your facilities safe while working within budgetary restrictions. Design, installation, upgrades, maintenance, leasing, and monitoring are just some of the CCTV services we provide. Because of the remote monitoring service, you’ll always have fast access to your CCTV footage.

Our surveillance systems provide:

  • Video recordings on digital and network devices
  • Analytical video
  • Access control and people counting
  • Automatic identification of license plates
  • Storage and retrieval of recordings off-site

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