Home Automation

Home automation, also known as domotics[1], is the automation of a home, often known as a smart home or smart house. Lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances will all be monitored and/or controlled by a home automation system. Home security systems, such as access control and alarm systems, may also be included. Home gadgets are an essential component of the Internet of Things when they are connected to the Internet (“IoT”).

Smartech  provides superior home automation services. We have a variety of home-based solutions for controlling heating, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning appliances, as well as security. Our most recent products include sensors and switches that are connected to a central node that manages the system through a user interface called a Gateway. Despite the presence of multiple rivals in the sector, we strive to maintain our high standards of innovation and convenience that our products provide to end users.

We strive hard to make an unmatched innovation because we believe innovation is the only way to provide amazing consumer convenience. As a result, you will have an unrivaled level of comfort.

Smart Home

We have a variety of home automation tools for you to choose from, including:

Ventilation, air conditioning, and heating are all important. This also contains a remote control for monitoring home energy over the internet via a user-friendly interface that is, above all, simple to use.

Control system for lighting

By taking advantage of strong solar production during the middle of the day, appliance integration and control utilizing smart grid and a smart meter is possible.

Security: It provides a home-based security system that may be integrated with a home automation system to provide additional services such as remote surveillance via security cameras.

Leak detection, CO detectors, and smoke detectors are all available.

Touch Panel

More smart home automation tools will astound you. Simply put, embrace our home automation solutions and discover the finest that we have to offer!

Access Control system

To safeguard their premises, businesses of all sizes demand trustworthy, creative access control solutions. For decades, HID has made it easier for millions of individuals to go into businesses, hospitals, classrooms, and other places. Our objective is to assist your company select the optimum access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to advanced solutions like HID Mobile Access.

Control In One Hand

User Advantages:

Access control technology that is open, dependable, and promotes user comfort and security

Support for the largest variety of credential technologies is available.

Innovative ideas that help firms scale up in the face of current and future dangers

Smart Control

Upgrade your access control technology from the past.

In today’s threat landscape, older access control systems may operate without trouble, but they can bring security challenges and vulnerabilities. Modernizing your technology not only strengthens your business now, but it also helps it prepare for the future.

Upgraded Technology

Employees may use their iPhone or Apple Watch to access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multi-function printers, and more with an employee credential in Apple Wallet. It’s simple, convenient, and safe. Employee badges in Apple Wallet connect with current access control systems, are easy to distribute and maintain, and take use of iPhone and Apple Watch’s built-in security capabilities.

iPhone and Apple Watch may be used to unlock your office.

Find the Products You Need for Your Perfect Access Control System

Our extensive, award-winning portfolio delivers the appropriate combination of solutions to fulfill your access control system demands, from best-in-class readers to open credentials and controllers.


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